Whirled Foundation

A non-profit organisation offering support to people with Ménière’s disease. Includes advice on available options for treatment.

Acoustic Neuroma Association of Australia

Self-help non-profit organisation offering support and information to those who have had or are facing treatment for an Acoustic Neuroma.

Shhh Australia Inc

Non-profit educational association dedicated to assisting people with a hearing loss who primarily communicate through speech.

Australian Tinnitus Association NSW

Non-profit volunteer organisation providing a support network for tinnitus sufferers and their families.

Telstra Disability Services

Products and services available for older people and people with a disability- includes a catalogue of products.


Increasing public awareness of hearing impairment through the provision of resources and information on hearing.

Australian Government Office of Hearing Services Program

Australian Government initiative in the Department of Health and Ageing.

Safe Work Australia

Information on Occupational Noise-induced Hearing Loss in Australia.

Audiology Australia

Promoting the knowledge and practice of audiology while providing a professional association for audiologists.