Audiological Services

  • Audiological Diagnostic Assessments for Private Self-funded Retirees, Australian Government and Department of Veteran Affairs Pensioners
  • Tympanometry & Acoustic Reflex Testing
  • Free Hearing Screens
  • Hearing Assessments for Industrial Deafness & Other Compensation
  • Pre-Employment & Hearing Screen Monitoring for Noise Related Work Environments
  • NSW & VIC WorkCover Authority – Provision, Repair, Adjustment and Replacement of Hearing Aids
  • Aviation, Police and NSW Ministry of Transport Hearing Tests
  • Prescription and dispensing of the latest digital hearing instruments
  • Hearing Rehabilitation
  • Television Headphones & Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's)
  • Musician's & In-Ear Monitor Plugs
  • Swimmers, Shooter's and Noise Attenuation Plugs
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance, Ear Moulds & Repairs
  • Trial Period for Hearing Aids
  • Dry Aid Kits and Hearing Aid Batteries

Audiological Hearing Assessments

Hearing assessments can be performed on adults and school aged children (old enough to press a button on hearing sounds). Accent Hearing has state of the art technology to assess all aspects of hearing and will identify any problems and find solutions for any rehabilitation required. If necessary, the Audiologist will refer you to an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist should you need further medical advice on your test results.

Why go to an independent Audiologist?

Audiology Australia - Accredited Audiologist

At Accent Hearing, we are a local independent audiology clinic, which means we are not owned, operated or strategically affiliated with a single hearing aid manufacturer. Accent Hearing was established as a locally owned independent company because we know this gives us the freedom to give our clients the time to provide a highly professional and yet personalized service. It also gives us the freedom to be 100% objective when prescribing a hearing aid.

As we are independent, it sets us apart from the majority (80%) of our competitors who are either owned or strategically aligned with a particular hearing aid manufacturer. We are one of the only independent full time practices left in the Clarence Valley. Very few people realize it, but the hearing services industry is increasingly controlled by large multinational hearing aid manufacturers.

An 'Independent' or 'Company Chain'?

Accent Hearing is a private, independent and locally owned Australian Company, who can provide you with a full range of hearing and assisted listening devices from any manufacturer, fitted by a qualified Audiologist.

Many of the larger hearing clinics in Australia may be owned by international hearing aid manufacturers and corporations, or are affiliated with them, selling their own brands of hearing devices. Company “sales targets” can sometimes take priority over the client’s actual needs. Accent Hearing is not restricted by these measures and can provide flexible appointment times that are timely to suit the individual. Appointments will be with the same fully qualified Audiologist, rather than never knowing 'who you are going to see'.

Accent Hearing can take you on a journey for the rest of your life Accent Hearing can take you
on a journey for the rest of your life.

Beware of tricks saying 'free test' or 'free fitting', because this does not give you the 'full picture' of your hearing needs or information your GP needs to know for further diagnosis. These can be useful, but are only 'free screens' which last for 10-15 minutes. A full audiological assessment and hearing needs discussion lasts for around 60 minutes, which would attract a fee (unless you are an Australian Government Pensioner or DVA Veteran). So, if you are rushed through a 10-15 minute screening appointment, and are 'recommended' that very expensive hearing devices are the only choice; you are clearly not being looked after and the drive for the clinician's 'commission targets' have taken precedence.

From a client’s point of view, the question is how do you get objective advice about the 130 models of hearing aids available worldwide if the clinic you are visiting is owned or aligned with a single manufacturer of hearing devices? So, Accent Hearing remains independent and yet we have a strong trading relationship with all the major manufacturers of hearing devices. Our main goal is to provide the best hearing service and device for the individual requirements along with the best after care service.

Accent Hearing believes they can enhance the client focused hearing rehabilitation experience; taper individual hearing rehabilitation plans to each client; and is a superior audiology clinic without the constraints of a large company. Accent Hearing was founded on this vision.